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Server Uptime Status

Changing DNS Settings

To use your hosting account provided by DCS Webhosts you will need to change your Domain Name Servers to the following:

To change these settings you will need to log into your domain name account and click on the change DNS settings button. If you cannot find this please contact your domain name provider (the person you bought it from) and ask them to change it on your behalf.


Q: How do i access my control panel to change any settings?
A: Go to replacing yourdomain with your actual domain name

Q: What Auto Installers are availible?
A: The following Auto Installers are available to be installed within your account:

InvisionBoard: a web bulletin board system.
PHP-Nuke: a advanced content management system.
osCommerce: a easy to use and configure shopping cart system.
PostNuke: a advanced weblog/Content Management System (CMS).
XOOPS: a dynamic OO (Object Oriented) based open source portal script written in PHP.
phpWebSite: provides a complete web site content management solution.
phpAuction: A PHP/MySQL-driven powerful and flexible web-based auction system that offers a powerful admin back-end section to configure and administrate the site.
livehelp: A live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the visitor.
phpBook: a PHP/MySQL guestbook program.
Classifieds: Higly customizable classified ad application that allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories.
b2: a set of scripts designed to ease the process of publishing news to your homepage, or weblog.
phpAdsNew: a open source ad server.
phpCollab: Manage web projects with team collaboration, users management, tasks and projects tracking, files approval tracking, project sites clients access, customer relationship management (Php / Mysql, PostgreSQL or Sql Server).
4images: a powerful web-based image gallery management system.
pMachine: publishing software which you can use to create everything from a simple weblog: to a multi-layered interactive news site.
Advanced Poll: is a polling system with powerful administration tools.
OneOrZeroHelpDesk: The OneOrZero Helpdesk is an extremely powerful, yet lightweight, helpdesk package.
Aardvark Topsites PHP has all the features you will ever need
WebCalendar a PHP application used to maintain a calendar for one or more persons.
paFileDB: lets you easily have a database of downloads on your website.
PhpDig: a very small PHP search engine that uses a MySQL database on backend.
phpLinks: a free and Open Source PHP script that allows you to run a very powerful link farm or search engine simulation.
phpList: a web application that implements a personalised mailing list manager or customer relationship management (CRM) system.
phpMyFAQ: a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system.
phpSupportTickets: Manage customer queries with this one stop solution for online customer relations.

Q: What type of activity will get my account suspended?
A: Although not a comprehensive list some of the things to be carefull with include:

Using Forum Mods (poorly written and tested mods can cause major problems)
Email list programs (be sure all the emails are all double opt-in and send the mail overnight stretched out over a few hours)
Don't use persistant database connections. pconnect() will cause mysql resource problems.
Spamming (or hosting websites or services that support spammers)
Fraud - We suspend accounts while fraud is being investigated.
Adult and ilegal material stored within you account
Bringing the server down
due to run away script
If you have a question that you would like answering that isn't mentioned in the FAQ sections then please click here to contact us.


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